Black Bear tackle was started with a vision, and that vision started was bladed Jigs. Bladed Jigs could be made better, with better parts and materials, in a wider range of colors. Too often I found myself disappointed in the quality of bigger name brand products that would break or not perform up to their lofty price tag so I started crafting and coming up with my own way of making them. This started with eliminating the split ring for better action, stronger hooks, wire tying skirts for more color options and better durability, and painted heads to match local forage instead of the bland standard colors. Soon I began making them for friends, who started sending their friends, who started asking for Spinnerbaits and Jigs and Buzzbaits. Which I happily obliged until I started being pushed to follow my dream of making and selling custom tackle people would be proud of, that would last and stand up to the rigors that serious bass anglers put their tackle through. I decided I wanted a product that you could fish fiercely and have it stand up to everything you threw at it. 

Often times you see companies say “for fisherman by fisherman”, most times that’s true, but long forgotten. Well It’s not forgotten at Black Bear tackle, I’m one of you, a weekend warrior, tired of spending my hard earned money on junk, here to bring you a product that I can stand by and that you can trust on the water day after day after day. Welcome to Black Bear Tackle, where quality is our number one concern. 

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